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Tempshield Cryo-Protection

When Safety is Critical

TEMPSHIELD specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality, cryogenic personal protective equipment (PPE) and apparel. A pioneer in the development of cryogenic safety apparel, Tempshield launched the first cryogenic glove in 1980. Made from the highest-quality state-of-the-art materials, our gloves allow for a maximum level of thermal protection, flexibility, and dexterity.

Tempshield's cryogenic gloves and aprons are essential accessories for those working in hazardous environments with ultra-low temperatures. The leading medical and scientific firms worldwide rely upon Tempshield products to keep them safe.

Tempshield Quality is Unsurpassed

To ensure Tempshield's high standard of quality, we monitor production using our Comprehensive Quality System, which includes rigorous inspections and tests. Each item we make is inspected at every stage of production. Nothing is more important to Tempshield than your safety.

Warning Anyone handling cryogenic liquids should be familiar with the hazards presented by such materials and trained in how to handle them safely. Emergency procedures should be established and rehearsed, proper training in the operation of all equipment provided, and knowledge and appreciation of hazardous properties of the materials instilled. Cryogenic liquids should never be handled without proper protective gear.

Caution Not intended for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids.

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